A New Beginning – #365

Dear World,

Mothers undergo an insane amount of labour hours to ensure a new beginning for their children. And as the years go, every ‘Sorry, I won’t do it again…‘ ends up in an ‘It’s okay. Last chance…’, even though, a lot of the times, mothers know fully well that the same mistakes are going to be repeated. But their child deserves a fresh start, even at the cost of their patience being tested beyond limit, their worry being fueled and their feelings being hurt.

You, my dear world, go through 24 hours of rotation and 365 days of revolving around the sun, giving us more fresh starts than we ever so much as acknowledge. And I’m going to finally take mine; because you’ve taught me that it really is never too late.

Until I start getting to know you better and start sending my people postcards about you, I will send you and your people postcards about me and my world – one every day! Thank you for letting me start over.




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