Who do you love the most? – #329

Dear World,

This is how I like to say it – two days ago, my mother got all romantic on me. I woke up to her hugs and kisses, and the first thing I saw was her staring at me affectionately. And then she rat-trapped me with “If I ask you something, will you be honest with me about it? A hundred percent honest?” Let’s just say there are times other than just before your death too when your whole life flashes before your eyes. Within twenty seconds, I had scanned through most chapters of my life, recent and archives, to see what she could possibly have chanced upon. I hadn’t been more awake at 7 a.m., all my senses fully alert, in the longest time.

I finally nodded with bated breath, while she relished every bit of the tormented-by-suspense eyes I was trying to conceal. “Who do you love the most in the world?” she finally asked me. “You!” I answered, without having to think about it twice. Meanwhile, my crooked self didn’t know whether to laugh in amusement and affection or to cry in relief. “Are you sure?” she asked me, her eyebrows as crooked in suspicion as the self of me which had been scanning all files of my life a minute ago. “You don’t love Gen. D more than me? How about your niece? How about your father?” It was one of those beautiful moments in my life, the kind that makes your heat full and you’d want it to go on forever. I kept answering each of those and telling her I loved her the most, while enjoying how the child in her had left me transfixed.

The moment lasted a few seconds more. Who was this naughty, thoroughly pleased child before me, promising not to tell my dad that I love her more, lest he feel bad? I couldn’t marvel enough at it. Then I got ready for work and the rest of the day passed in the daily blur; except it didn’t. The good things were nearly the same that happen to me every day and so were the obstacles and issues I encountered. Only the good things made me smile more than usual and I was miraculously shielded from the obstacles and issues of my day with the sheer memory of the morning. Remembering that you have someone who you love the most in the world and that they love you much more can do wonders for your day. She’s my shield, my safety net, my home. And that’s not something I didn’t know before this happened. But somehow since it happened, it felt like the first time I was realizing it.

As soon as I came home, she sat me down and asked me how my day was. I told her excitedly of what her little morning thing had done for me through the day, expecting her to be amazed. She smiled wisely and let it dawn over me that even when she was being a child in the morning, she had known all along exactly what she was doing and why. I’d had a few rough days before this happened, when I rarely came home without a creased forehead. I’m still guessing how she figured out that something so innocent and disconnected from my every day life could be so powerful and protect me throughout the day.

There’s probably only one person in everyone’s life who is capable of tiny miracles like that. The rest of us are beyond lucky if we come even slightly close to handling the ones we love the way their mother could.

Here’s to the woman who sat chatting with me in my colony garden till really late yesterday and couldn’t stop smiling about how I sound like her when I’m being wise about the world – Happy Birthday! I couldn’t be more thankful she came on this day because today I know the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life and I’m lucky enough to get to love her the most in the world.

World, I want to see as much as I can of you and see the sun rise and set in as many different lands as I possibly can. But here’s hoping that many more mornings of my life begin with my mom going romantic on me.




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