Where’s the Magic? – #331

Dear World,

I gave up writing to you. I honestly did. And I was a bit hurt that you didn’t seem to care. *stops writing to dab at eyes*

No, but it is unbelievably difficult to find time, mental energy and topics to write to you about when you’re in the kind of drab phase of your life that kills your sparkle. The kind where every day becomes perfunctory, you drag yourself to your job for the peanuts that must last you next month, you have no money to do anything exciting and even meals are not interesting at all. It’s like being brittle-boned in a quicksand of negativity.

And I don’t want to keep coming back after every shameful lapse and write to you about how I’m not giving up. But today, something small and wonderful happened. I haven’t written for a month now and I saw a view from the US. Somebody sitting somewhat across the globe from me rested their eyes on my words.

And that actually gave me a bit more of a flutter than if Johnny Depp had to be sitting across the table from me, making the eyes at me and asking me in his sexy drawl “Could you pass me the salt?

It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get back up.‘ How many times I have told myself those wise words of Vince Lombardi! How many times do people give themselves this or some version of it, time and again? In the middle, I came up with this theory that if that’s all it’s about then there’s no difference between humans and bowling pins. It should be about finding out why you get knocked down so that getting back up doesn’t become more habit than bravery.

When that theory failed, I stagnated a bit more, reluctant to log in and look at the blog staring me in my defeated face. Today, I was asked a very important question by a very important person “Where’s the magic gone from our lives?” This coming from the person who has always stubbornly refused to ever let me get too negative, realistic, cynical or logical to believe in magic. More importantly, this coming from the person who feels like magic in my life ever since he’s entered it!

So today, I’m going to talk to you about that – magic!

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.‘ – Roald Dahl. My friend recently put up this quote in a post on Facebook and tagged me in it. At the time, my numb mind and heart chewed it a bit and spat it back. And then I was asked the question.

When he asked me that, I sadly remembered how writing used to feel like magic to me. Crafting those words felt like spells, the flow of expression felt like sparks and the wit felt like pure witchcraft! That’s when I finally decided to muster the courage to log in and force a few words out. I still don’t know what I was thinking when I chose to check my stats out. But just then magic happened – that beautiful orange blob highlighting the radius within which the person sat and read something of mine! That bunny couldn’t have been pulled out at a better time from your hat. Well played, World, well played! And US being, whoever you are, this post goes out to you.

US view

Nobody promises you meteor showers, unicorn rides or pots of gold at the end of rainbows when they say magic. For that matter, nobody can even promise that you will leave starry-eyed and changed forever when magic happens. Those stars in your eyes must be earned so you can truly marvel at the shine of your own creation. Your days won’t be phenomenal. You won’t even always have the resources or be in the state to make sure they are. But sometimes just a pinch of magic like that is enough.

It’s enough to remind you that the magic, as clichéd as I’m about to sound, is in you. In fact, there is greater magic in you. There are gold showers, rainbow rides and unicorns at the end of meteors in you. We let so many wrong, inconsequential or at the very least undeserving things take our sparkle away.

There’s so much magic in you. You just have to not forget the tricks.



PS – Showing me via orange blob on a map definitely earns you brownie points for creativity, World! But you could have simply told me you miss me. 😉


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