All you need – #332

Dear World,

When I started ‘The Everyday Project’ or even changed it to ‘The #365 Project’ to rid myself of guilt, I never thought it would be so hard to keep up. Some days I ache to write to you about some things and I keep putting it off in the face of something that has come up. Other days, I stare at my blank postcard wondering what could possibly fill it this time around.

But, there’s a wonderful man up in the mountains (currently) who asked me why I don’t write to you more often and told me it’s not right or fair of me to take it so lightly. And you want to know why he’s wonderful? Because he’s broken enough to curl up on the couch and lick his wounds; but he’s packed his pieces in his bag and carried them to the mountains to be where he’s needed the most. And that is the man telling me not to stop writing to you just because it’s hard.

So this is for all the people who don’t always end up saying ‘Don’t give up‘ the right way. Because it’s not about telling a person you can do it. It’s not about being hard on someone and giving them the tough love sometimes. It’s not about encouraging or pressurizing or urging or even simply listening sometimes.  And it’s not even about leading by example sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s just about touching someone’s heart in a way that they want to feel that warmth from you over and over again. It’s just about being a noble, strong and loving presence in someone’s life so that they want to live for it, for you, so that they want to be better for themselves and you. Here’s to my heart being so full today, no matter what happens ahead.

Here’s to the wonderful man up in the mountains. May he conquer all the dreams, peaks and hearts he intends to.

Here’s to love and the miracles human beings do with it. And, World, here’s to you being a beautiful place to live in because there are people filling lives with such a presence.



PS – The Beatles’ number ‘All you need is love‘ contains so much of valuable truth in it! Writers are pure genius material. 😉


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