Tidbits of humanness – #336

Dear World,

Last night, I couldn’t sleep well for a number of reasons. One of them is that I saw the way karma functions with my own eyes. For those people who say it’s a bitch, really get over yourselves. It’s not cool to say that or to pronounce it the way you do. It’s not kaarmaa, it’s karm. It’s a sense of justice that simply states that the balance of your actions will always be maintained by consequences.

Care is so important and undermined. It’s appallingly easy to not care so the number of times we refuse to is ridiculous. I refused to care last night and got the same from somewhere else in return.

But here are a few random pieces of wisdom that struck me and I decided to share with you and your people.

Never hit someone where it hurts them the most just because you can. Not if you want them in your life and not even if you don’t. If you don’t want them in your life, there really is no need to have your name on their scars. And if you do want them around in your life, then it’s important to know and remember that nothing is guaranteed – not even someone’s love.

Besides, even standing up for yourself, asserting yourself, telling someone what problem you have with them, none of them require unkind words.

The other thing is, never judge someone so hard that you lose the scope to understand them. Try understanding them really hard instead, despite everything that comes in the way; because losing the scope to judge them is always going to feel more beautiful. Isn’t that when you can truly say that it’s people and relationships you’ve earned?

Anyway, that’s enough of preaching and I’m off to practise it. None of what I shared here is novel or discovered by me, but we’re damn good at forgetting and not being bothered. Here’s hoping all that I said comes handy for your people (including me!). Hope to see more of you really soon.




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