Feel and Think – #340

Dear World,

A couple of hours ago, I just encountered a heated discussion happening over a lunch table. On principle, I avoid being too present around such discussions, lest I get noticed and asked my opinion. Or there would be open-jawed hounds drooling and haughtily panting on either side of me suddenly, waiting to see whose side the bone falls on. I don’t even watch from the corner of my eye. I just overhear as much as I can, without being noticed, and then leave. The number of times you could do with an invisibility cloak in life! *sigh*

Now, at work there’s a staunch follower of Karan Johar‘s movies and 2 States type love stories, who believes very firmly in the concept of ‘Ishq Wala Love‘. Other than that, he’s the extra-logical, great at his job type person. You would see these species in a train buried in a copy of Economic Times and then happily withdraw into your unimportant world of inconsequential things. You would also see them in class raising their hand for every answer, getting the highest marks in class and a point or two extra for their handwriting which looks like ‘pearls scattered on a page‘. And they’re the same species who would pull chairs for you, not let you pay and supply you with chocolates if you’re feeling low; even if you’re just a colleague, who has an above cordial rapport with them.

His recent break-up has made him turn into one of those classic will-never-fall-in-love again type cases. The kind that sigh about the one that got away and tell you ‘don’t be another me!‘, every time you’re venturing on the heart-break terrain.

A Devdas’s heart behind a starched shirt with the buttoned up collar is a deadly concoction of human being, mind you. Today, he was a part of the heated discussion and that was all the more reason to keep my head bowed in one corner of the room and burn the water dispenser filling my bottle with my concentration.

At one point, though, I heard him yell ‘Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of guy who thinks from here!’ pointing to his heart and glaring at the man he was making his point to. This is when I realized that what he said was so strangely amusing that I had been staring at him with a ‘so unbelievably ridiculous!‘ expression on my face as he made that point. A few Tweeties next to him scoffed in affectionate disapproval – you know the kind that goes ‘Hah! What rubbish are you talking? I know you better than that, you’re a real softy!

But, something about that just puzzled me. Is that what we all have been interpreting ‘follow you heart‘ as? Do we think from our heart? Is that why we’re in much of the shit that we are in? I think, many of the bad decisions that end up being made are because we make the grave mistake of thinking from the heart. That is not the meaning of follow your heart.

The heart, my dear World, was never built to think. And I don’t mean for random smart ones to jump in and say ‘right, it pumps blood!‘ or something like that. The heart that we know and identify with? That was built to feel. To feel with complete surrender and abandon. And for thinking, there’s a brain allotted.

So ideally you make decisions based on your brain taking into account what you do not stop your heart from feeling.

Except, the rest of the bad decisions we make, I suppose, is because we feel from the brain.

Love (guess which part we leave that to?)



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