180th Day Ramblings – #339

Dear World,

So I know I seem to be overflowing with things I want to say to you today, but that’s how it just is sometimes. Mainly, the reason I wanted to write this post to you is because today it’s been exactly six months to a day I now consider very important in my life.

People from my generation weren’t raised to consider six months an important milestone in any aspect of life. But love of any kind for anything makes everything about it so meaningful and significant to you.

Today, I’m celebrating people who you never think would matter becoming too important to ever not matter again. Today, I’m celebrating the one who I miss so terribly. I’m celebrating all the things about the person that have brought me to a place where I could miss them so much.

It’s a beautiful thing to miss someone this much. That’s all I want to say for now.

Those who miss someone today, I know what that’s like. Those who are missed by someone today, there could be no better way of knowing how special you are.



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