Clinic-Waiting Wisdom – #344

Dear World,
They say that a time comes in each one’s life when the supporters of his cause stop pushing him and he’s on his own. My very few loyal readers, my sister, Gen. D and my co-scriptwriter have stopped reminding me to write my posts every day, so I guess now is when my actual challenge to keep up has begun.

So let’s see, what do I write about today? I frankly am BLANK and thoroughly out of ideas.

So here’s a questionnaire that I had once come up with in an attempt to help someone find themselves. A few days ago, I found myself filling it. I don’t know if it will help anyone else find themselves or turn anyone’s life around, but no harm in sharing.

1. Favorite Color
2. Favorite Foods
3. Favorite Flavors
4. Favorite Movies
5. Favorite Songs
6. Favorite Activities
7. Favorite Places
8. Favorite Vehicles
9. Favorite type of Clothes
10. Favorite Restaurants
11. Favorite Alcohol
12. Favorite Beverages
13. Favorite Positions
14. Things I love to do
15. How do I spend my time?
16. What activity would I take up just for the heck of it? (5 or more)
17. What are the places I have never been to and would want to travel the most to? (5 or more)
18. What is my biggest challenge right now?
19. Five things I would want to sign up to learn just for the heck of it? (Not the same as 16)
20. Five things I like about myself at present?
21. Last crazy thing I did?
22. Five crazy things I would do in the next four days? (And make sure I do them)
23. Five NEW Dreams?
24. Five ideal date ideas?
25. Five ideal ways to celebrate my birthday?
26. Five things I would shop for, for myself?
27. Five ideal trip/travel ideas? (Not the same as 17)
28. Five ideal career ventures?
29. Bucketlist: (50 minimum)

After filling this, I started getting a little fascinated by myself and began to crave to expand my life. To make it bigger than office, home and Gen. D. I started working towards things in that list.

And today, I’m sitting at a doctor’s clinic, exasperatingly far from home on a weekend, waiting my turn since a half hour and probably for a half hour more, while typing this out to you and silently contemplating cancelling my really fun plans for today in exchange for going home, plopping on my couch and gawking at my tv.

So expect no miracles. Not the overnight kind anyway. It’s a struggle that begins at the most basic, most mundane, most irritating and frustrating levels. But I’ve to earn myself before I earn anyone else I love, including my own family. So this is for anyone else who feels similarly or anyone who needs this or could be helped by this in any way at all, for that matter.

Write down the answers on a kite. And fly it when you’re done with it.



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