Office Monsoon Daydream – #346

Dear World,

Last year this time, I used to look out at the rains every day through the same glass tower that I’m imprisoned in for eight hours a day this year. I could see the rains trying to contaminate the insufferable glass walls of my office and the concrete monster being constructed on the opposite side, with its deeply gratifying beauty and ardent spirit. Each time I look outside, this in-construction building looks poor, bare, pitiful. It’s been a year and it hasn’t looked any different, so I’m beginning to wonder at the point of it being there instead of a scenic monsoon view outside.

Since the last two days, there have been intense blue-grey clouds on Andheri skies, aching to melt and pour on us until they can’t hold it back any longer. Our window panes have been fogged with the rains lashing against them.

And my only thought is – I want to be somewhere in South India right this moment. I want to be in one of those shed-type eateries they have there. I want to stand just where the soaked, dark brown thatched roof ends. I want to hear the passionate love fight that’s taking place between the Dakshin skies and the Nilgiri hills, complete with thunder, lightning and the lashing of rains.

I want to watch the scurrying about for mundane reasons taking place in simple, uncomplicated half mundu-clad and soft, thoroughly worn saree-clad lives against the vast backdrop of hill, sky and rain splashed with hues of green, blue, grey and misty white. I want to inhale the mud, the freshly washed grass, the peculiar scent of raindrops while feeling them lightly smear on my face.

I want to sip piping hot spicy rasam from the warm cutting chai glass I would be cupping in my cold, damp palm. I want to nibble at the reddish-brown perfectly pickled and crisp fried piece of fish I would be holding in my other hand. I want to see the clouds blot out the last of the fading sun’s glow while dim oil lamps are being lit indoors. Then, I want to make my way back to wherever it is that I’m staying while looking out the raindrop-studded window of the car and listening to the alien language film songs playing on the way.

Anyway, these are the daydreams I have while trying to escape the tube lights overhead which are trying to guilt me into getting back to my work and while looking outside my glass tower which is so indifferent to the beautiful rains outside lashing against its walls to get it to notice them.






2 thoughts on “Office Monsoon Daydream – #346

  1. Guess what, I was so tired of being home and being sick so when these clouds started to melt, I strapped on my rain coat and headed out jogging. I may sound like a careless pig and end up falling sicker (if that’s a word) but I haven’t felt better in ages!
    Last year at the budget shoot in a CNBC studio I had the same trapped feeling, but I guess if it wasn’t for being suffocated imprisonment in glass cages, we wouldn’t enjoy the rain.


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