My Darling Mummy – #348

Dear World,

Being out of things to talk to you about, I decided to wait for such a time when I have something to say. Sometimes silence makes more sense than forced words, even on a blog.

Today is the wedding anniversary of my parents. So last night, I took home the very traditional, very expected ‘surprise’ cake to be cut at midnight. And my very tired parents went to sleep, their withered faces silently coaxing me to not wake them up at midnight and not be upset about it. Being me, I was upset about it, definitely upset. So I glued my own wilted face to the TV playing a repeat of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

Around this time, it started raining heavily and I was looking out of the window longingly. And this is the heartwarming part – my mother wakes up and comes out of her room. There’s something lit up in her face and mine too. “Have you seen the rains outside?” she asked me playfully, with this sly understanding of my mind, the kind only mothers have about their daughters. She’s beautiful, my mother. And she looks even more beautiful when there’s this happy knowledge on her face that she and her daughter have something that nobody can reach. When her face obviously shows a certain kind of pride over the fact that she and I get each other in a way that nobody else does. It’s one of the most treasured things in my life – that expression on her face.

I ran out of the door as soon as she said “Go but only for five minutes.” The next ten minutes of my life were the kind they hunt for or craft to add that ‘touching’ element in movies. I walked around getting soaked in the rain, jumped in puddles and grinned like twenty years had been officially taken away from my twenty-five years of age – and my mom simply sat in our balcony and watched me. That’s all she did – she watched me.

Whether or not your life is going the way you want it to, these are always going to be the kind of things worth living for.

Somehow, magically we both went back in time. She got back a piece of my childhood and I got back a piece of her youth. I don’t know if this is the case with all mothers and their children, but there’s something my mother has done – she’s made me gloat about her. I staunchly believe that she is the world’s best mother. I’ve grown to believe that her and my bond, with all its flaws, is the most beautiful one any mother and daughter can have. No offense to the rest of the mother and their daughters – it’s my personal belief. Like people choosing to believe in their own Gods. She’s just my favorite mother in the whole world!

Here’s hoping that some day I can give my daughter that.




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