Keeping up – #353

Dear World,

I had no idea that something as small and simple as writing to you everyday would be so difficult to keep up with. People who wrote countless love letters to their sweethearts from war and prison every single day, how on Earth did they do it? I mean, what did they even write about everyday? I’m in an open world full of new things happening everyday, a million things to observe and yet I keep running out of things to just talk to you about. These people saw the same thing everyday behind bars or at the army lines and yet they composed poetic declarations of their undying love every single day!

These days there is a lot that I’m finding difficult to keep up with, as a matter of fact. I don’t know if any of your people understand what I’m talking about. I don’t know if efficiency, competency levels, discipline, determination, deadlines, punctuality, commitments, maintaining the balance between all the things and people in my life etc are such a struggle for me alone. I mean, take this project for instance. ‘The Everyday Project’ was an initiative to help me grow closer to my first love – writing. It was a commitment towards what I love the most and towards my growth and betterment in it. Now, the ‘everyday’ in that project seems to be a joke staring me in the face.

I don’t mean for this postcard to be a tale of my woes or a self-deprecating saga. But for once, I want to plonk myself on the I-don’t-care couch, free from the shackles of judgement, and feel like I’m not alone on that couch left far behind from the rest of the world. So, these few moments that I’m writing to you in, just after my boss passed a cutting verdict on my competency levels yet again, are my couch moments. Because writing to you seems to be one of the very few things in my life left to look forward to. If anyone out there has been through what I’m going through, feel free to share with me any advice and suggestions you might have to overcome this. But before that, give me the sob stories, the ‘what you felt like in those days’, not the heroic tale of how it wasn’t easy for you either but you made your way out. Let’s make problems human before we make the solutions heroic.

Here, I would like to specially mention my only loyal reader – my sister, Shreya. I love that girl for not giving up on me and my project. For reminding me everyday that I have yet to put up a post and that she’s waiting to read it. She makes me want to go on with it. I guess, sometimes you just need to have a person who will never give up on you. Other times, you need to be that person.

I still haven’t given up on ‘The Everyday Project’. Let’s hope I can keep up with it for the rest of the days.

Here’s where I leave the building. Lots of love to you, World.





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