FairygodMOTHER – #357

Dear World,

Sorry about yesterday. No excuses there. It was as simple as a throbbing head, a burning throat, a gulf of phlegm and a loving mother massaging hot oil into my head – anytime the last part happens, trust me, drop everything and just let those fingers make that head want to burst forth in song. Even if a genie popped out of thin air and gave you a lifetime of wealth, food and wine in a mansion of gold and gems or better yet, a lifetime of travelling and experiencing the world INSTEAD of your mom kneading your scalp with oil? Don’t take it.

My mom’s love is never free of a certain sternness, anger and frustration born of concern and protectiveness that all mothers would relate to. That means, I don’t exactly get such indulgences to my heart’s content.So yes, keeping aside everything including writing to you was quite okay with me.

Today, I’m going to write very less to you because I’m  running out of things to write to you. So I will only write about what deserves a special mention in today’s day – my mom.

And yes, it’s a happy coincidence that Mother’s day is two days away. But that isn’t the reason I’m writing this. There are times she simply compels me to marvel at her. The way she reads me and asks me about exactly what is bothering me, the way she trusts me like I wasn’t built to deceive, I don’t know if all moms are like that but mine’s really priceless. Yesterday, she touched my head and blessed me with sound sleep – a miracle nobody can perform the way she can. Every time she sees a step or a sill over a threshold, she’ll point to it, lest I trip over it, least bothered about the fact that I’m 25 now and very capable of avoiding it.

The most important thing that happened today, however, was that she and I cooked in the same kitchen as partners for the first time today. Being sick, I had asked her for my one of my comfort foods, one of my healing meals for dinner – tomato saar and rice. We got late while coming from the doctor’s and she was quite tired. That’s all happened before and yet she has always preferred the ‘watch and learn’ rule or the ‘leave the bigger steps to me and stick to the safer steps’ rule; and had her heart in her throat every time  I was near the gas stove. Tonight, we shared the cooking and she treated me not as her child but as her fellow cook. From where I see it, this is the true beginning of our friendship. It’s taken a while to get here and I had my doubts, but we’ve arrived. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed.




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