Wait for me

Dear World,

Today morning, I was making unbreakable promises of #358 to your readers steadying myself on the backs of work, sleep and TV.

What I never foresaw is the shaking of my own foundation and balance. We rarely ever foresee that one. Anyway, I left work miles behind it, I plopped before the TV when I was back from it trying to not think and now I woke up from the slumber I slipped into on the sofa to write to you.

So I must really care about you to wake up from all of that just to write to you. The world waits for nobody, they say. It changes in a matter of seconds. Who knows that better than me from just the last two weeks of my life? Change all you want, world, but try to wait for me.

Try to do what I can’t do. Try to keep your eyes open, try to not lose sight of me and I’ll wake you up tomorrow morning with a #358 that I would have truly done justice to. That’s all for today before my eyes don’t listen to me and shut.

Sweet dreams,


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