Sweet Dreams – #360

Dear World,

With everyday that goes, I’m told that I’m getting more silent. And I don’t realize it until I see my brother constantly asking me what’s wrong with me or when I’m generally thinking in the day about what to write to you and hardly come up with anything.

Anyway, today is Maharashtra Day, so let’s take a moment to congratulate one of your states on it’s statehood anniversary. Or workers in this part of you sleeping off their ‘labor day’. And in other parts of you, there might be other reasons people are celebrating today.

It’s an entirely different celebration for me though. And I will tell you all about it tomorrow in detail. For tonight, let’s put everything aside, shut everything down and go to sleep.

Sleeping is not given as much importance or credit as it should be given, I think. And let’s not get into the science or medical benefits here. Everyone can Google those. Sometimes, we struggle with all we have to keep our eyes open and plop in front of the television just like I have been doing until now. Other times, we stare at walls or read or make ourselves a midnight snack. Or celebrate being in one of those cities that never sleeps -mine being one. Or write and send our voices into the dead of the night hoping someone in some corner of the world would be listening and reply. Not because the person replying would lead to any further story at all, but simply because you don’t want to feel like the only one trading in the joy of sleeping for going crazy with your thoughts and not making sense to anyone; possibly not even to yourself.

I might be rambling but I know one thing for sure – a calamity gives you a lot of perspective; even one that you might not have been directly a part of. I have a bed with a pillow, a blanket and a mother waiting in it for her child to be beside her, in the next room – that must have been all they wanted and prayed for, a lot of the people in that earthquake that the world can’t stop sensationalizing. And for the survivors, the hours in which they actually did manage to get any sleep must have been the only hours that truly got the hours going. So Mumbai, while you pride yourself on never going to sleep, tonight close your eyes and pull your blanket over your head – because there’s a Nepal in the world who won’t be able to do so for a very long time.

So tomorrow, my dear World, I will speak to you about what overwhelmed me today and made my heart cry for joy. Tomorrow, I will give you a little bit more of what made life so beautiful for me even while I wasn’t any closer to my wish to see you. But tonight, I have spent way too many hours awake that I won’t get back tomorrow when I’m at work and longing for them. So, I’m going to go respect the joy, the comfort, the peace, the energy, the solace and the rest that sleep can give you because it’s a luxury I am blessed with and there still are people who aren’t blessed with the same luxury.

And if there’s anyone at all listening to my hollow howls, reading this and if there’s even a narrow chance that you’re considering reaching out to me and responding to this – shut down whatever you’re reading this on and go to sleep. There’s tomorrow for everything else.

Good night,



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