Nothing groundbreaking – #361

Dear World,

With parts of you getting devastated and parts of me missing in the last few days, I really haven’t been able to write to you or stick to my 365 days discipline and I’m sure you didn’t exactly miss my postcards either with your balance thoroughly shaken to the core and your people being eaten alive.

What I am going to say to you today begins on an unbelievably selfish note and I’m truly sorry about it; yet somehow I’m not. Over 4000 of your people saw the worst nightmare of their lives before shutting their eyes forever, and yet I want to thank God that my people weren’t in that category and miraculously came back with nothing more than minor injuries. You know why? Because believe it or not, human beings are essentially selfish people who really don’t give a damn; and so selfish that even if another human being would relate to it deep down, on the face he/she would prefer to loathe them for it. After what was declared the worst earthquake in eighty years, ‘taking care of our planet is a necessity now’ is still pretty much just a topic of discussion. And no, I’m not heading towards a lecture in that direction. How can I, when I myself haven’t taken an interest in figuring out what steps need to be taken for it? and I’m not even sure that I’m not doing anything that harms it further.

This, however, is a sincere prayer born of a shockingly selfish heart – In the last few days, the families and dear ones of our friends in Nepal and I have experienced some of the worst kind of helplessness over sitting in a safe city miles away from our missing loved ones. Our loved ones who were there have faced a hundred times worse oscillating between seeing death and suffering before their own eyes and not knowing whether they would survive it and if yes, then how. Now, being back home in the very same city everyone feels the need to get away from, seeing the people they see everyday in life, being back in the normal routine life that everyone needs a break from are all going to be big things for them that they might be too grateful to get back to because they might have doubted they ever would. Even seeing them yesterday in front of us, hearing their voices, seeing our messages getting through on their phones, hearing their numbers ring and having them respond – the kind of things we really wouldn’t give a second thought to otherwise are really huge things to us as of now; things that we just couldn’t be relieved or grateful enough about.

So we’re all freshly in the space where we understand what a million others have gone through and are possibly still going through. God, please be with them all and spare the generations to come of anything so ghastly. This I say, because in the last few days we have really experienced your power and felt just how capable you are of miracles; and so have many others who have been as lucky as us. And World, as shallow as it sounds on a blog post, we really need to start taking care of you. Until then..

Love (Truly meant from my heart),




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