The Everyday Project – #365

Dear World,

I’ve wanted to see you and your people ever since the first time I opened my eyes to sunrise in another land far away from home. The previous night, I had held the doors of the bus, with my tear-stained face out of it, and howled about how I wanted to be back home sleeping in my own bed. Being 4 years of age, I was allowed that level of stupidity and socially embarrassing my parents, brother, uncle, aunt and cousins, I guess.

Waking up the next day on my father’s lap though, watching the Shimla sun rise over the bars of the bus and recognizing that the winds making my bones shiver are not Mumbai ones, I lost my heart to you, world! And a million people have told me over and over again that talking about travelling doesn’t make sense until I have really traveled; but the moments in which my being was filled with happiness by you didn’t need to be immortalized in an album.

I have ached to see and experience every bit of you by myself for the longest time now. But, I’m told repeatedly that it takes time.

In the meantime, what I’m beginning my blog with is something I call ‘The Everyday Project‘. It might not be original or creative for all I know, but it’s apt.

Everyday, I’m going to find something to write to you about for a year. It will have a bit of you and a bit of me in it – like my style of sending postcards to you from where I am. So until I can’t begin to see you yet, I’m showing you me. Here’s hoping that someday you and your people feel the same way for me that I have felt for you over and over again since that morning on the bus to Shimla. Till then, keep in touch.


Me πŸ™‚

PS – That Shimla-Kullu-Manali trip was such an exceptionally happy one, I’m thankful to God my parents didn’t take the 4-year old menace seriously and take her back home! The memories are priceless – including the one where I spent all morning in my quilt, not because of the freezing cold, but because I had just seen Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ on TV and was scared that he would come! πŸ˜›


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